This is the question we’re being asked more and more often, lately. So, IS the market shifting…? Check out the info and link below to decide for yourself. Better yet, give us a call so we can meet up for a beer (or coffee) to discuss what’s really going on right now in Denver’s Real Estate market.

Here are the Cliff Notes – Check out the Full Report, next column over →

  • July 2019 showed signs of similar seasonal transition as previous years in this real estate cycle, but not enough for us to be concerned about a longer-term shift. Inventory rises every year from June-September while buyer activity tapers off creating retraction in pricing.
  • Home prices usually peak annually in either May or June, this year the peak was in May and prices began to pull back starting in June and continuing in July.

  • Inventory saw typical gains going into July with an increase MOM of 13.6%

  • Days on market were up to 23 average days to contract, or 10 median days to contract.

Link to Megan Aller’s Market Review (June 2019)

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